EG~metropolitane Integration und die Krise linker Wirtschaftspolitik

  • Bernd Röttger
Schlagworte: Wirtschaftspolitik, Integration, Krise, Linke, EG, Europa


The prevailing process of European integration is based on a new compromise between globalization and regionalization, represented by competing social forces. This transnational compromise has produced a new model of policy in the EC, characterized by networks of interorganizational policy-making at the levels of supranational policy, the nation-state and the regional-state. The coordinated decision-making is creating a new form of political regulation of transnational accumulation. The contemporary strain between globalization and social fractionalization tends to undermine an alternative alliance of social groups. Left politics threatens to become an appendix of the dominating process of acumulation. An independed political project is, so far, out of sight.


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Röttger, B. (1993). EG~metropolitane Integration und die Krise linker Wirtschaftspolitik. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 23(92), 473-490.
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