Europa und Frankreich im Ausnahmezustand.

Die autoritäre Durchsetzung des Wettbewerbs

  • Lukas Oberndorfer
Schlagworte: Frankreich, Ausnahmezustand, Nuit Debout, Streik, Arbeitsmarktpolitik, EU, Europäisches Staatsapparateensemble, autoritärer Etatismus, Krise, Hegemonie


In France, the state of emergency (declared in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of November 2015) has been used against the Nuit-Debout- and the strike movement: fundamental rights were set aside in order to push through the deregulation of the labour market. An approach informed by hegemony theory can demonstrate that these developments and their point in time are articulated with the political and economic position of France within the European ensemble of state apparatuses. Because of its Eurocentric and liberal set-up, mainstream state theory tends to identify authoritarianism only in the periphery or as a threat connected with right wing populism. But an authoritarian turn is already happening within Western liberal institutions. The crisis has pushed the neoliberal mode of integration into a crisis of hegemony. The status quo can no longer be maintained through consensus and is instead upheld through coercion and racism.


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Oberndorfer, L. (2016). Europa und Frankreich im Ausnahmezustand. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 46(185), 561-581.