Der Mythos des globalen Kapitalismus und die Aktualität des Nationalen

  • Michael Wendl
Schlagworte: Nationalstaat, globaler Kapitalismus, EU


This contribution is a critical response to the article “Global Capitalism in a State of Emergency” written by the editorial board and published in PROKLA 185. In contrast to the editors’ analysis, it argues that capitalism does not qualify as a global system with an international form of government and an international ruling class. We are still living in a state of „Varieties of Capitalism“ dominated by national states. This was proven by the deep crisis of the European Union and the political struggles within the EU. The model of finance-dominated capitalism is not able to explain why the export-oriented German capitalism, German politics and the German economic ideology of mercantilism can dominate the economies and the states in the European Union.


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Wendl, M. (2017). Der Mythos des globalen Kapitalismus und die Aktualität des Nationalen. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 47(186), 105 -.