Innerimperiale Kämpfe

Drei Thesen zum Verhältnis zwischen autoritärem Nationalismus und imperialer Lebensweise

  • Dennis Eversberg
Schlagworte: Rechtspopulismus, autoritärer Populismus, imperiale Lebensweise, AfD, Deutschland


Dennis Eversberg: A conflict within the empire. Three theses on the relation between authoritarian nationalism and the imperial mode of living. The article analyses the success of authoritarian nationalist party „Alternative für Deutschland“ (AfD). Firstly, it is argued that voting for the AfD was not a ‘displaced’ form of reaction to actual or feared experiences of economic disadvantage or relegation. In fact, the AfD’s voter voted for the party because they support its authoritarian nationalist ideas. Secondly, authoritarian nationalism’s character as a vertical class alliance between parts of the elites on the one and segments of the middle and lower classes on the other hand is highlighted – an alliance that wants to reverse the transformation from post-war organized capitalism to the contemporary flexible capitalist regime. Thirdly, it is argued that the current conflict between “progressive neoliberalism” (Fraser) and authoritarian nationalism takes place on the firm ground of a shared consensus about the imperial mode of living. It is a conflict about the modernization of this mode of living and about how to best defend it. A critique of the global injustices it causes and perpetuates, or credible demands for overcoming it, can only be articulated from a globally solidary position that rejects this bipolar discursive constellation altogether.


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Eversberg, D. (2018). Innerimperiale Kämpfe. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 48(190), 43 - 54.

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