Der Heidi-Komplex.

Gender, Feminismus und der Ekel vor der Gleichmacherei

  • Franziska Schutzbach
Schlagworte: Anti-Feminismus, Feminismus, Gender, Neue Rechte, Rechtsentwicklung


Since about 10 years we are experiencing a strengthening of conservative and right-wing parties and movements in Europe. Part of this development have been increasingly antifeminist politics: Constant attacks against feminist demands, activism and protagonists, while reclaiming traditional, biologistic familiy models and gender roles. More recently, the conservative targets have shifted from antifeminist assaults to a criticism of the concept of „gender“. This new form of attack does not argue against women’s rights or women’s equality, but rather against the so-called ideology of „genderism.“ They construe „genderism“ as a new dangerous ideology that – after the historical success of feminism – intends to destroy all gender-rules, including gender binaries and heteronormativity. The articles elaborates on this discursive shift.


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Schutzbach, F. (2016). Der Heidi-Komplex. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 46(185), 583-597.