Ausnahmezustand? Weitermachen, wie bisher, geht nicht mehr

Einspruch zum Beitrag der PROKLA-Redaktion Der globale Kapitalismus im Ausnahmezustand


  • Martin Kronauer



Ausnahmestaat, Ausnahmezustand, Globaler Kapitalismus, Rechtspopulismus


The comment takes a critical look at the article “Global Capitalism in a State of Emergency” written by the editorial board and published in PROKLA 185. It appreciates the analytical and political intensions of the article but questions the appropriateness of the term “state of emergency” to characterize global capitalism in its current conditions. It also deplores the lack of consequences of the analysis for the most pressing issue of the rise of right-wing groups and governments in Europe and the USA. In this respect, the comment suggests two topics which urgently deserve the attention of the Left. The first one concerns the reasons for the rise of the Right. The comment argues against the assumption of striking parallels to the rise of fascism in the 1920 and 1930s, proposes an alternative view (the undermining of institutionalized social reciprocity in decades of prevailing neoliberalism), and draws some conclusions. The second topic concerns the overrepresentation of workers among the supporters of right-wing parties. Here the comment calls upon the Left to embark on policies which aim at the regeneration of working-class consciousness and not to go for compromises with nationalism and xenophobia.


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Kronauer, M. (2017). Ausnahmezustand? Weitermachen, wie bisher, geht nicht mehr: Einspruch zum Beitrag der PROKLA-Redaktion Der globale Kapitalismus im Ausnahmezustand. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 47(186), 117 – 122.

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