Globale Krise – globale Streikwelle?

Zwischen den ökonomischen und demokratisch-politischen Protesten herrscht keine zufällige Gleichzeitigkeit


  • Torsten Bewernitz



Krise, Protest, Streik, Austeritätspolitik


The world wide economic crisis since 2007 is followed by a wave of protests, revolts, riots and movements. In many parts of the world strikes, expecially general strikes or political mass strikes, are part of these movements. But is this already an indication for a global strike wave? In a first step, the article describes the various statistical problems that are associated with this question. Beyond the quantitative question it also has to be asked if and how the different strikes and social movements are related to each other. The article differentiates economic strikes, political mass strikes and strikes with direct influence on the political and democratical protests. In conclusion, the article suggests to see a renewed relation between social and political protest claiming the traditions of labor movement and the new social movements since the 1970s that shows a new quality in the actual uprising against the consequences of the crisis.


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