Blindstellen: ungleiche Entwicklung und ungleiche Mobilisierung in der EU


  • Joachim Becker



EU, Ungleichheit, Krise, Mobilisierung, Eurozone


The article critically comments some of the conclusions by Alex Demirovi? and Thomas Sablowski in their article on the crisis in PROKLA No. 166. These two authors emphasise that it should be an aim of the left “to create the unity of the subaltern classes in Europe through joint struggles”. According to the critical comment, these two authors underestimate the degree of uneven development which results in uneven patterns of mobilisation across the European continent. In Greece, the left wing alliance Syriza came close to government power. Syriza faces with renewed urgency the question whether to continue Greece’s euro zone membership. The alliance is split on the issue. The majority of the alliance has come out in favour of staying in the euro zone. The article argues that economic recovery and the development of alternative economic policies in Greece are hardly compatible with a continued euro zone membership of the peripheral euro zone countries.


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Becker, J. (2012). Blindstellen: ungleiche Entwicklung und ungleiche Mobilisierung in der EU. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 42(168), 467 – 476.