Schillernd und technokratisch

Grüner New Deal als magic bullet in der Krise des neoliberal-imperialen Kapitalismus?


  • Ulrich Brand



Grüner Kapitalismus, Krise, Imperiale Lebensweise


A discussion about a Green New Deal (GND) refers to the ongoing and uneven crisis with its financial and economic, environmental and climate related as well as food related dimensions. However, the author criticises the suggestive power of the project and its optimistic assumptions concerning political control, technology and modernisation and its neglect of actual dynamics of capitalist development and crisis as well as the deeply inscribed imperial mode of living. With this, GND is an important project of ecomodernist capitalist forces in the Green and ecologically sensitive social-democratic field. They promote the project in the ongoing "postneoliberal" contestations how to redynamise capitalism. Therefore, it needs to be analysed carefully from a critical-emancipatory perspective. The arrogant tone of some protagonists of the GND debate, i.e. that there is no leftist alternative beyond their project, should be rejected. Emancipatory socio-ecological perspectives must be decisively more critical towards domination, institutions and modernisation.


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Brand, U. (2009). Schillernd und technokratisch: Grüner New Deal als magic bullet in der Krise des neoliberal-imperialen Kapitalismus?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 39(156), 475–481.

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