Subjektivierte Taylorisierung als Beherrschung der Arbeitsperson


  • Ingo Matuschek
  • Frank Kleemann
  • G. Günter Voß



Subjektivierung, Arbeit, Taylorismus


In debates concerning recent developments in the sphere of work, Taylorized and subjectivated forms of work (where workers coordinate tasks on their own, and indirect forms of control are employed) are considered to oppose each other. There almost seems to be a consensus that Taylorized and subjectivated forms of control belong to two distinct domains of the sphere of work: Manufacturing work involving little skill on the one hand, highly skilled and service work on the other. This article argues that the subjectivation process of work also takes place in low-skill jobs. Particularly in work environments structured by information technologies, both ideal types of work organization become intertwined and constitute a distinct mode of work organization: subjectivated Taylorization. A prominent example is call center work. On the basis of own empirical case studies, both management strategies of subjectivated Taylorization and reactions on the workers' side are analyzed. The paper concludes with a reflection on general changes the logic of control, and domination of workers.


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Matuschek, I., Kleemann, F., & Voß, G. G. (2008). Subjektivierte Taylorisierung als Beherrschung der Arbeitsperson. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 38(150), 49–64.
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